Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Little About Me...

Who Am I?

I was born the third son in a family of four boys; the “oops” of the family 15 years younger than number two son. I went to school in a small North Texas farm community, Valley View, Texas, where I played all sports, graduated Valedictorian; May 1953. My father and mother owned a small dairy farm. Both of my older brothers served in the U S Air Corps during WWII. I enlisted in the USMC, August 7, 1953 and told my father, “I will never again milk a cow!”

My mother faithfully took me to the Presbyterian Church in Valley View. I also attended the Baptist, Methodist, Church of Christ, Catholic Mass, Unity Church and various non-denominational services. My mother was disappointed with me at age 14, freshman in high school, when I declared, “I am never going to church again!” She insisted that I give her a reason. My reason was, those adults are hypocrites. They sit in the front pews on Sunday and screw each other personally and in business every other day of the week.

At age 19 while serving in USMC in Japan, 1954 I went hiking in the beautiful foothills at the base of Mt. Fuji. That is where I met Doc Etchison, a Navy corpsman. We were sitting on a log in the foothills above USMC Camp Yamanaka. Our conversation got around to religion. I gave Doc the same answer I gave my mother at age 14. Doc addressed me in a way totally unexpected by me. He said, “Do you understand that Religion is Man’s work – Spirituality is God’s dominion?” He asked if I believed in God. Then he asked me. “Who/What do you believe God is?” I felt totally unprepared to answer that question.

The most profound question I ever asked myself was, “Who am I? The answer to that question must begin with, “I am . . . .” My original attempts were incredibly inadequate. After many attempts and frustrations I finally asked this question, “What is my source?”

How did I get around to that question? The road of experience was long and sometimes very rough.
The most important lesson I learned in college was to respond to this assignment. “Define the difference, as you understand differences, between; Principle, Priority and Preference. “ To some the answers might have been easy. To me I had to start with the easy one; “what is preference?” The answer was fairly obvious. Preference is like, which do you prefer, chocolate or vanilla?

Priority wasn’t all that difficult. It required some serious reflective thinking. Priority is that which you would insist upon like, “Getting an education so that I can provide for my family.” Then the obvious question followed. ”What kind of life do you want to live? What kind of work do you want to do? In what kind of environment do you want to raise your children? Answers to these questions helped set my priorities. Have I always lived life in such a way that my priorities always trumped preferences? No!

Principle was the hardest to define. After much reflection with my thoughts being guided by this question; “What is it you can’t live without? To really give this meaning I turned the question around. “For what would you sacrifice your life?” The ultimate answer was; personal freedom. I would like to say that is why I served in the USMC. That wouldn’t be true. I served three years in USMC to get my GI Bill benefits so that I could go to college. Dr. Wayne Young was the professor who posed this profound series of questions while I was studying to attain my MA. The picture I developed in my mind to visually illustrate my answers was the bull’s eye, the archers target. It is composed of three circles with a very small bulls eye representing Principle, Priority was illustrated by a slightly larger circle. And then a huge circle illustrated Preferences. Then it hit me; most decisions people make, maybe as high as 98%, are in the largest circle, preferences, emotional decisions based on likes and dislikes at the moment.

My answer personal freedom haunted me because I wasn’t sure why I answered that question in that way. As I pursued the answer I finally had to answer the question, “What is my source?” To answer that question I narrowed my search to two documents; the Bible and the US Constitution. Why these two? Why not European history? Why not history of the world? My realization in both of these cases was that neither of these histories illustrated anything outside of human behaviors such as control of thought, behavior, boundaries and resources. In my search for quality of life using these references, I found nothing that helped me define the ultimate quality of life I wanted to seek.

It was during my study of the US Constitution that I discovered that my understanding of its significance could only be described as a surface; a limited depth of understanding of its source of structure. When I focused on, “every individual’s right to pursue Life. Liberty and Happiness,” I discovered its true source.

The US Constitution is based on the same Principle given by God in the Bible; free will; freedom to choose. This became real clear when I understood that the 10 Commandments did not eliminate individual free will. The 10 Commandments can best be understood as God’s guidelines for living a full and healthy life in terms of “cause and effects / acts and consequences.”

Finally I had to find the answer to this question, “From where did/does original thought come?” The only answer I can fully defend is “divine energy.” So, then I had a problem with the traditional definition of God; ranging from “moral personality” to “everlasting unchanging moral personality existing both within and outside of nature.” My mind just couldn’t wrap itself around either of these generally accepted definitions because I couldn’t resolve the inconsistencies implied “everlasting unchanging” and being both a part of and standing outside of nature which by definition is always changing.

So, I finally defined God as I understand God. I believe God is good; that God is the source of all that exists, that God is the “creative and creating energy of the universe.” By this I understand God as being original source and His energy is causing the evolving nature of humankind. Divine Energy expressed by man can create evil, good and everything in between. Life can be described like a man standing with one foot on a block of ice and the other on a hot stove. On average he feels OK.

My continuing challenge is accepting the conditions of the world and what is happening in the USA as intended or beneficial. Existing leadership at all levels of governance seems to be clueless as to how to influence rather than control. Statutes, regulations and rules are all forms of control. Some are essential. However, it is extremely easy to use them in excess; retaining power/control seems to be the ruling interest.

Another realization I acquired while studying the US Constitution and the Bible is that I cannot claim peace for myself unless I am willing to give it to everyone else without exception; yes, violators must stand accountable. Neither can I claim my right to pursue riches unless I am willing to grant that same right to everyone. Boy, am I, we, off the mark here!

Yet, another realization I acquired is that it is human nature to try to control destiny. This is particularly true at the highest political levels. It is clear to me that these personalities do not understand that use of control generates negative energy; that, unless overcome, control leads to ultimate destruction. Leadership that gives into satisfying Preferences instead of mastering governance through Principle and Priority will inevitably fail. Any Representative Government that seeks and covets the whims of its constituency will cease to exist as a “Representative Government.” It will drift into a socialistic form of governance. It will lose its standing as responsible governance based on Principle and Priority. Elected representatives and the people/masses become rudderless and self-serving at all levels.

These sentences were written over 100 years ago. The context was the power of the mind. “Medicine as a science of disease has increased disease; religion as a science of sin has promoted sin, and economics as a study of poverty will fill the world with wretchedness and want. … Every living thing is under the necessity for continuous advancement; where increase of life ceases, dissolution and death set in at once.” Wallace D Wattles. So it is for our US society today. Negativism and skepticism are self destructive enemies.

So, what is the solution? It is up to us to lead the way back to self-reliance and personal dignity. Only creative Capitalism and individual efforts can restore economic security and well-being to
our economy and the future of our children and grandchildren.

So, how does this affect me? It is difficult to maintain Faith when all around me rudderless leadership is so evident. The best I can do is to claim my Faith that these experiences are intended for Good; that we are experiencing an evolving lesson in how to address and redirect human behavior so that our right to pursue “Life, Liberty and Happiness” is fully restored. My daily prayer is, “Thank you God for your many, many blessings indeed. Thank You for placing your hands upon me, guiding me, keeping me from evil, and seeing to it that I do no harm or create no pain for anyone.” If I can end each day with another Thank You God, then I know I am experiencing my own spiritual evolution. Yes, I understand that someone may question my reference, “seeing to it” in my prayer. The answer is simple. God’s positive, powerful energy for good is my Source.

All of the above convinces me beyond doubt that my purpose here on Earth is to evolve in body, mind spirit and soul. And to do so in such a way that I never stand in the way of anyone else’s path to discover who they are. If it is true that human evolution is based upon the experiences of life, then I must allow “what is to be what is.” Our lesson to learn is, negative energy expressed in any way or form leads to negative consequences. My job is to allow myself to be used by God in any way He chooses to illustrate how positive energy inevitably leads to positive results. Have I always been successful? No! I am still learning, evolving. But this I do know, I am a Child of God possessor of an evolving soul!

In case you are wondering about my spiritual nourishment, I started attending Dr. Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral Sunday morning TV services again in 1998 while living in Sacramento, CA. Great services, very positively oriented. And, I listen intently to my thoughts.

Finally, I believe it is my destiny to be rich in all experiences of “Life, Liberty and Happiness.” I believe money is a commodity that is intended for my use to fully explore these experiences and evolve in full dimension and expression of riches. I am reminded of Albert Einstein’s assertion, “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.” When asked how, he replied, “Imagination can create knowledge but knowledge can never create imagination.”

My business, which I offer to all, is based on one of my favorite expressions of the Golden Rule; Jones of Toledo, “What I want for myself, I want for everybody.” Therefore, my business activities are based on the Pay it Forward Concept. I choose to provide a fish while teaching someone to fish. He/she can then feed their children in both mind and body lifelong.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

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